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The Global Yacht Club

Yacht clubs around the world generally offer “reciprocal rights” to a limited number of other yacht clubs, however, the GYC concept is to embrace thousands of yacht clubs and sailing clubs from every country to join ranks with the GYC, and to invite as many mariners as possible into this new worldwide association. A love of the sea, the sport and the lifestyle is the bond that brings us all together.

The GYC Structure

The GYC is like no other yacht club, it is a 21st century approach to a tried and trusted formula. It will be run more like an association or a corporation, with a designated Board of Directors responsible to its members to offer a continuum of ideas and plans for future development. It will have appointed officers and by laws just like any other yacht club and there will be less stringent “rules and regulations” to adhere to. It will be fun, vibrant and deliver a unique approach to 21st century boating.

The Birth of The GYC

The Global Yacht Club was inspired by the unique position that International Yacht Training (IYT) holds as a globally recognized International Marine Certification Authority, with over 300 nautical training schools in 66 countries. The concept was to reach out to yacht clubs and their members worldwide with an invitation to join ranks under one international umbrella. The idea of a Global Yacht Club was born when Mr. Victor Felice (an IYT partner school owner called “Tiller and Kites”) met with the IYT management team in 2017 when he visited IYT’s world headquarters in British Columbia, Canada, to discuss the concept of a global network of yacht clubs and sailing clubs. The idea was to bring together as many like-minded sailors, yachtsmen, yachtswomen, boat owners, boat crew and nautical enthusiasts from across the world into one dedicated yachting community to share a myriad of stories, regattas, advice, tips and experiences.

Founding Officers

The GYC has now become a reality with Capt. Mark Fry (Founder of IYT) as its first Commodore, and Victor Felice as the first Vice Commodore of the Global Yacht Club