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How Does Membership Work

Yacht Club and Sailing Club Membership

How does my Yacht Club or Sailing Club become a member of the Global Yacht Club?
Membership is open to all existing global yacht clubs and sailing clubs in good standing, and may become part of the Global Yacht Club alliance by completing the GYC application form.

What is involved in the joining process?
Once your application has been approved, a GYC representative will personally exchange a letter of reciprocal membership, along with an exchange of club burgees.

What does it cost for my club to join the GYC?
There is no charge to become an associated Yacht Club or Sailing Club member of the Global Yacht Club.

Will our club be listed on the GYC website?
Yes, your club will be listed on the GYC website under the country that your club is located, and the new membership listing will be advertised on the “news section” of the GYC website.

How often do I need to renew my clubs membership?
GYC membership will automatically renew every year provided the club remains in good standing.

How can my club cancel our membership if we decide to do so?
Any club may cancel its GYC membership with 30 days written notice

Can our club membership be cancelled by the GYC?
Yes, any club that does not remain “in good standing”, or does anything to damage the reputation of the GYC membership may have its GYC membership withdrawn in writing.